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Here at Eaglespeed, we provide the following services. If you are looking for a service which is not displayed, or would like more information such as pricing, please contact us.

Basic Service

  • Up to 5QT of 5W30/ 5W20


  • Lubricant
  • Oil Filter Replacement

Eagle Service

  • Up to 5QT 5W30/ 5W20


  • Lubrication
  • Oil Filter Replacement
  • Tire Inflation
  • Check & Fill Coolant
  • Check & Fill, Washer Fluid
  • Check & Fill, Transmission Fluid
  • CHECK AND ADVISE ON: Belts, Wiper Blades, Air Filter

Super Service

  • Up to 5QT 5W30/ 5W20


  • Lubrication
  • Oil Filter Replacement
  • Fluid Check & Fill
  • Tire Inflation
  • 4x4 Differential Check & Fill
  • CHECK AND ADVISE ON: Belts, Hoses, Wiper Blades, Exhaust, Lights, Air Filter, Shocks, Struts and PCV Valves


Varies per Vehicle

Air Conditioning

Read more about the Air Conditioning system

Inspection of the refrigerant in the air conditioning system for leaks is important. If the lubricant never reaches the compressor, it will rapidly lead to deterioration, ending in need of an expensive repair. Fresh refrigerant prevents moisture build-up, and contamination, from key components, such as a plugged orifice tube. Connections and seals need to be closely watched for leaks, so that refrigerant and compressor oils are not lost. Our service professionals will keep your air conditioning system healthy, so you can beat the heat! Hide


Read about the Alternator

The alternator is what prevents the vehicle's battery from dying while running, or usage of electrical equipment. A worn alternator will not generate sufficient energy to the battery. Common points of failure that need inspection when an alternator error is occuring are; rotor, stator, bearings, brushes, regulator, diode trio,and the rectifier bridge. Our service professionals will keep your alternator running, so it can keep your vehicle running. Hide


Read about the Battery

Your vehicle's battery powers everything similarly to how your heart delivers blood throughout your body. Without which, you or your vehicle would be rendered inoperable. Using a dedicated battery tester or a voltmeter, the battery can be tested for proper voltage. Most vehicles may not turn over the motor under twelve volts. Normal voltage across the terminals should be between 12.5 to 12.6 volts. Should the battery have issues holding a charge or shows less than the normal voltage, a hydrometer will be used to test the proportions of sulfuric acid and water in the electrolyte. Bad cables, and connections can lead to alternator failure. Battery acid will be properly removed and examination will be made to prevent further acid release. Our service technicians will ensure the relationship with your vehicle's battery, is a long one. Hide


Read about the Serpentine Belt Read about the Timing Belt

Serpentine Belt The serpentine belt when worn, loose, or misaligned, can cause stress to accessories, such as the A/C compressor, alternator and power steering pump. If the belt tensioner is worn, it will cause the belt to become loose and slip. Faulty decoupler pulleys (if so equipped) may also cause problems with the belt. Seized tensioner or idler pulleys may even cause the belt to break. Hide

Timing Belt The timing belt, when worn, loose, or misaligned can cause stress to accessories, such as the idler pulley, water pump (if so equipped) and tensioner pulley. If the problem is not addressed, it can cause serious engine damage. Talk to one of our service professionals to see how often your belts should be replaced. Hide


Read about the Brakes

Your brakes could be the only thing stopping you from hitting the person in front of you. Brake pads should be no thinner than 1/8" to 3/16". If there is no pad between the calipers, you could wind up grinding against the rotors. This would cause further damange, and a greater repair. Brake cyllinders and their seals can leak after wear over time. Worn brake shoes, springs, parking cable brake and scored drums could also be a possible cause of problems. Our service professionals can see to it that the next time you brake, nothing else breaks. Hide

Engine Repair

Read about the Engine

The engine is the main component to your vehicles. So it should be your priority to keep your engine healthy. Without doing so, engine failure could be the very reason you'd find yourself in need of a new vehicle. Air filters need to be checked regularly. Dirty air filters can affect performance, sensitive electronics, and driveability. Your fuel system is also a vital part of the engine. Engine performance can be affected by carbon deposits on the fuel injectors, build-up in valves, or a dirty combustion chamber. Our service professionals can see to it that your engine remains healthy. Hide


Read about the Exhaust

Driving in alternating conditions may effect the life of your exhaust system. Salted roads, exposure to large amounts of water, rocks and dirt may lead to degration of your exhaust. Catalytic converters are essential to reduce carbon monoxide and other emissions released from your vehicle, which are very deadly. Your sensors also play a role in ensuring these emissions safely leave the vehicle. Corroded mufflers may also lead to problems in the emission release. If your muffler has holes, or is clogged, the emissions must find exit elsewhere. The exhaust hangers are also important. If these wear out, your exhaust may collapse while you are driving, causing further damage. Our service professionals will examine all of these factors. Hide


Read about Lights

Whether you're driving in inclimate weather, or you're merely driving at night, your lights are essential to your vision. Keeping your headlights and taillights fully functioning is important for your safety. Regardless if your vehicle uses, xenon, halogen, or LED lights, eventually, they will need to be replaced. Brackets, light fixtures and wiring are also important to keeping your lights fully operational. Hazards, blinkers, interior lighting, and license lights are also part of the routine examination. Our service professionals will see to it that all of these are functioning properly. Hide

Oil Change

Read about Oil Changes

Oil types vary per vehicle and under certain conditions, including mileage. Oil quality should always either be matched or upgraded, but never downgraded. Oil filters should always match the quality of oil. Lack of regularly scheduled oil changes lead to oil sludge, which is a major cause of engine damage. Our service professionals will prevent your engine from getting sludged! Hide


Read more about the Radiator

Inside the engine, as your vehicle is running, tiny explosions occur at a rapid rate. So it's no surprise that your engine gets scolding hot. The engine performs better when heating up. Many parts are responsible for keeping the engine at it's peak temperature without exceeding its maximum. Coolant, received from the engine block, gets pumped into the radiator, which is kept cool by the cooling fans. The coolant is then sent back to the engine block to continue the cycle. Our service professionals will keep your radiator frosty. Hide


Read more about Shocks

Shocks maintain tire contact with the road. Worn shocks increase braking distance, and tire wear. Shocks compress over seventy-five million times within fifty-thousand miles. Shocks should be replaced if leaking or damaged, such as a broken spring, cracked bearing, smashed or missing jounce bumper, or torn boot. Our service professionals will make sure your ride is smooth. Hide


Read more about Starters

Starters set the engine in motion when you turn the ignition. A key sign that the starter needs repair or replacement is a single loud click, with no following turn of the motor. Power needs to be inspected in both the battery and the starter to ensure that it is reveiving the proper voltage. Our service professionals will reassure your vehicle starts the next time you turn the key. Hide


Read more about Struts

Struts maintain tire contact with the road. Worn shocks increase braking distance, and tire wear. Struts compress over seventy-five million times within fifty-thousand miles. Struts should be replaced if leaking or damaged, such as a broken spring, cracked bearing, smashed or missing jounce bumper, or torn boot. Strut mounts deteriorate over time, and cause concerning noise, and binding steering, making it difficult to return the wheel to the center. Our service professionals will make sure your ride is smooth. Hide


Read more about the Suspension

The suspension is what keeps your wheels connected to your vehicle. The suspension is critical for proper steering, stopping, and stability. Ball joints, tie rod ends, idler arms, and the control arm bushing are/is important to keep in good health, or else steering ability may be lost alongside strange noises. Our service professionals will keep your vehicle properly suspended. Hide

Tires & Rotations

Read more about Tires & Rotations

Tires are essential in order to keep your car moving. The more you drive, the more wear your tires receive, and over time, your left with a smooth, non-treaded rubber which doesn't grip the ground properly, regardless of weather and road conditions. Typically, every three thousand to eight thousand miles, your tires should be rotated. Lack of doing so may result in sever de-treading and can lead to a premature tire replacement necessity. Patterns of tire rotation may vary. Sometimes over time, wheels become unbalanced, requiring weights to be placed strategically in order to keep you on the road. Our service professionals will make sure your vehicle rides smoothly. Hide


Read more about the Transmission

Transmissions, although specifically designed to last a long period of time, are just like any other machinery inside your vehicle, and can be particularly problematic. Transmission fluid is a vital key to making sure your transmission last longer. Not only does the fluid cool the transmission, but it also lubricates the transmission, and pressurizes the intake from the engine, enabling smoother shifting. Gaskets, seals, and hoses, need to be examined for leakage. Our service professionals will do their best to keep your transmission running, for as long as possible. Hide


Read more about Tune-Ups

Regular tune-ups bring the life back into your vehicle. Tune-ups mainly consist of engine servicing, including replacement or cleaning of air filters, spark plugs, and fuel injectors. Tune-ups also receive a general inspection of the vehicle, and it's current health. Our service professionals will keep your ride running the way it was meant to be. Hide

Wiper Blades

Read more about Wiper Blades

Windshield wiper blades are vital to driving. Without them, vision would be obscured, or absent, resulting in hazardous and possible fatality. It is very important to ensure they are functioning properly, and replaced as needed. Wiper blades quality should always be matched, or upgraded, but never downgraded. Wiper blades should be replaced every six months or sooner, if need be. Lack of replacement, can result in torn wipers, which can easily scatch your windshield. Proper examination of washers, washer hoses, and washer fluid fill are important to prevent obscurities. Our service proffessionals can prevent your vision from being affected by your wiper blades. Hide

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